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Pierre El Daher

Pierre El Daher is a successful Lebanese businessman and the Chairman & CEO of the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International LBCI, Lebanon's number one television channel.

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Article by Nathalie Bontems, published in Communicate Magazine, July/August 2013 publication

We are streaming all of our content online so we can reach everyone, anytime. There’s a project in the pipeline, but I will reveal it in due time.

Choueiri Group is our agency regionally and globally.

I don’t think anyone is competing with LBC SAT these days. If the channel isn’t dying, then it is already dead. The content is very poor and it’s not doing well at all.

TV is not gone, but it’s not growing anymore, it reached its peak. The future is all about content regardless of platforms. The biggest thing that remains unknown is how to monetize your content on various platforms. We invested very little in LDC, almost as much as the cost of a transponder. The content for the channel is already available from LBCI. Also we are not aiming for high profits.

Live interactive entertainment is what will take over the region.

MBC is very well established and they have a good team. They are not succeeding in everything but they are trying nonetheless. Most Arab channels in the Middle East either belong to governments or individuals with deep pockets. But, if you’re looking for ROI, then you need to go into niche content and stay clear from general entertainment.

I still see it as number one, but I don’t know how it will fare in ten years. Content will become more niche. I also think it will be harder to find individuals to invest in TV.

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